I’ll tell you what. Next building’s gonna say ‘Potts’ on the tower.


I’ll tell you what. Next building’s gonna say ‘Potts’ on the tower.

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tony’s pet name for pepper is ‘honey’

honey potts

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Pepperony Weekdate night
Pepper and Tony’s multiple failed attempts at the perfect date night.

"We need disguises!"
"Tony, a baseball cap won’t fool anyone."
"It fooled AIM."
"That’s ‘cause AIM were idiots."

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Pepperony Week ⇨ Pre-Relationship

Ever since Virginia Potts caught an accounting error in Tony Stark’s financial projection, and stormed into his office demanding to be heard - while threatening the guards with pepper spray - their relationship, until after the events in Afghanistan, had always remained strictly professional. 

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how did tony stark spice up his sex life?

with a little bit of pepper

i don’t think it was just “a little bit”….

an argument could be made for 15

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I think the Pepper and Tony relationship is always at the heart of the movies. People love to see that relationship. So many people said about “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “I’m so happy Pepper was in [there].” It gave the movie a center. Even though it was one scene, I think Pepper’s relationship to Tony is something that keeps the movie grounded. It’s always in reality, and it’s always funny and full of love but always witty. It’s a real relationship. I think people like to see that and they like to see a woman who’s so loving and supportive of her man but also keeps him in check. It’s a really sweet relationship. -Gwyneth Paltrow

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